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Examples of use on boats

Marine Jenolite rules the waves!

Iron, steel… and the perils of salt water: it′s a combination that invites rust to do its worst. Fortunately, Jenolite's track record within the marine industry is second to none. From large shipyard and tanker projects, harbours and piers, through to privately owned boats, Jenolite has been used for many decades to solve the severe rust and corrosion problems this industry faces.

A prime example is the work undertaken by Jenolite in Scandinavian shipyards to include treatment of the first ship with upright tanks in the 1950's.

Salt encrustation and oxidation that can develop under paint coats is a specific problem for the marine sector. It can cause the failure of the complete paint system and lead to a very expensive repair bill. It′s here that Jenolite comes into its own by providing an insoluble, non-conductive and oxide-free surface – protected by Jenolite the surface remains strong and sound allowing the paint to adhere firmly and remain robust for longer.

Dry-dock examinations of boats and ships often highlight scaling and corrosion problems, particularly of the hull. Jenolising is a fast and effective treatment, enabling ships to be back at sea quickly and without major disruption.

The key benefit, however, is not the removal of rust but rather the prevention of further corrosion, which can damage the integrity of a vessel over time.

What′s you project? Tell us what Marine applications you′ve used Jenolite for – or better still send us your photos and videos. We′re keen to share your experiences with other Jenolite professionals … people like you who believe, as we do that if a job′s worth doing, it′s worth doing right with Jenolite.

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