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Jenolizing progress in New South Wales

Communications are frequently received at head officer from associate companies abroad describing the overseas jenolizing installations. One such report was recently received from Australia where the jenolite process is used in the works of star enamellers. Messrs Fleming and smith, the proprietors, are enamellers to the trade, and their work includes metal finishing on such diverse items as motor cycles, scales, industrial clock bases, refrigerators and commercial cabinets. Today, all these items are chemically pre-treated.

Jenolizing is of recent adoption by this firm, and previously components were contracted out for sandblasting and, on occasion, phosphating. The installation - cost of which the proprietors are confident would be recovered in a few months’ work- comprises three tanks. The first contains jenolite PS 5, followed by a swill tank with running water for rinsing. Finally components are dipped in a jenolite RRN tank operated at a dilution of 1:2. The first and third tanks are heated by means of a very economical coal gas system.

Proof that this form of treatment suits the needs of star enamellers may be gauged from the fact that larger tanks and increased range of jenolizing chemicals are included in the firms programmed of future expansion, supplied by our Australian company, the Lawrence chemical corporations LTD.


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