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Details of progress in an interesting experiment

Information has recently been received regarding the jenolizing installation at the main technical stores depot of the South African department of defence – the principal users of Jenolite in that country.

The main work concerns the renovation of some £4,000,000 worth of army equipment which has been lying in open storage for 6 to 7 years. Components to be treated include tanks, motor and gun spares, nuts and bolts, and Bailey bridge sections, and after jenolizing their condition is such that they are put on the regular scale of issue.

Details of the installation, built to British war office specification and capable of handling up to five tons an hour are as follows.
The plant comprises 4 tanks, one for degreasing, one with water for rinsing and two containing jenolite RRN. The components are lowered into the tanks by means of overhead chain tackle.

The tanks themselves are sunk into the ground and are capable of being drained from below ground level. Prior to degreasing, loose dirt and grit are removed from components with a high pressure steam jet. The chemical solutions are heated by steam.

Native Labour

The jenolizing process, operated here by native labour under the supervision of army technicians has met with much success on this project and two more, larger zeolite tanks are in course of construction in order to speed up this important renovation work.
Responsible for the installation of this plant was our Associate company in Johannesburg, the Lawrence Chemical Corporation LTD.


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