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How to solve your rust problem

Rust is an issue that, given enough time and moisture, affects just about every metal object out there. Cars, gates, metal fences and roofing, even things like fridges, can all suffer but by no means does that signal the end of the item's useful working life. Handled properly, the rust issue can be treated, and we at Jenolite are here to tell you how.

Identify the issue
Take a look at the item in question and see how severe the rust is. Is there any flaking? Or is there just a small amount of surface damage? This is important, as it will inform you whether you can remove the rust from the surface or whether you will need to go down the road of conversion and repainting.

Choose the correct product
Our product range caters for all rust removal jobs, whether they are small isolated areas on a domestic appliance or car bodywork, or larger instances of rust on things like caravans, boats or industrial applications. In the case of the former, we recommend our easy to apply, Jenolite 40g jelly, whereas with bigger issues our liquid solutions - which can be applied as a spray - are the ideal things to use.

In the case of more severe rust issues that are not easily removed, there is our Jenolite Rust Converter, which converts the rust to a stable hydrophobic state within around 15 minutes, leaving a protective polymer coating. Once the process is complete, the surface can be painted within 3 to 24 hours (depending on the Jenolite product used) leaving you with a clean, rust-free surface.

Make sure that the rust does not return
Having managed to remove the rust from your item we are pretty sure that you won't want it to return. Happily, we also have the ideal product to look after your newly rust-free items. Our Jenolite primer is an oil-based, lead-free, corrosion resistant primer that is the perfect complement to our rust removal products and will give you long term protection. It is easily applied by brush and starts protecting from the moment that it's dry.

Hopefully our guide has helped you in your quest to keep your items rust free. If you require any more information on any of our products, or on how best to apply the product for great results, please either give us a call on 01234 924 794 or email us at and a member of our expert team will be happy to help you.