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What Are The Most Famous Bridges In The UK?

The UK is a beautiful island nation, and it is one which has some of the richest history in the world. Famed for its rolling, lush countryside and stunning architecture, it is also home to some pretty magnificent bridges.  So, what are the 5 most famous bridges in the UK? Read on below to discover more.

Tower Bridge, London
Of all the bridges in the UK, the one which is most iconic is Tower Bridge, which is located in the heart of the city. Standing at 244 metres tall, Tower Bridge was built in 1866. Construction was completed in 1684 and the bridge crosses over the world-famous River Thames.

The Millennium Bridge, London
The millennium bridge was constructed in 2000 and is a steel suspension bridge that spans across the River Thames. The millennium bridge is a pedestrian-only bridge which connects the city of London to Bankside. Its unique design fits seamlessly with the historic buildings of the city and is popular with both locals and tourists alike.

The Rolling Bridge, Westminster
While much smaller than its counterparts, the rolling bridge is truly unique in its design. The bridge is a curved design where one end is always vertical in the sky. As the pedestrian steps onto it, the bridge uses gravity to gently drop its raised end as the user walks. When midway, both ends of the bridge are in mid-air and creates a design like no other.

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Somerset
This world-famous bridge connects Bristol in Wales to Somerset in England. Built in 1831, the bridge is almost 200 years old and is popular with visitors from around the world. With a 75 metre drop to the valley below, the bridge makes for some spectacular viewing of the River Avon and the surrounding area.  Cars driving over the bridge must pay a toll for access, and it has been this way since it opened to the public in 1864.

Bridge Of Sighs, Cambridge
The bridge of sighs was constructed in 1831 and gently slopes over the River Cam in Cambridge. Once Queen Victoria's favourite place in the city, this covered bridge is named after a bridge in Venice, Italy. Many visitors take in the view from one of the many punts on the river, which pass directly beneath it.

While there are many more famous bridges in the UK, these are the most well-known of the lot with tourists and locals.

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