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Details of progress in an interesting experiment

Report from Birmingham

One year ago, in January,  1953, the Jenolite News published a detailed report from Mr. K H Robinson, A.C.I.S., dealing with the particular corrosion problems facing the seven markets (meat, vegetable and fish) under his control in the city of Birmingham.
Apart from the industrial pollution inevitable in a city like Birmingham, corrosion was being caused by both acid and alkaline conditions and considerable enterprise was being shown by the markets and fairs committee in inaugurating a series of experiments. We are most greateful to MR Robinson, the markets superintendent, for his kindness in supplying our readers with this further progress report.

It is now over 12 months since the experiments described in the January 1953 issue of the jenolite news were carried out and it is therefore possible to draw out some conclusions as to the value of the jenolite process for combating heavy corrosion on structural steelwork.

The subjects of these experiments were sheet iron plating, rolled steel joists and staunchions and cast iron guttering. All possible preparation was conscientiously carried out varying from scratchbrushing only in the case of cast iron flame descaling coupled with pneumatic hammering and chipping followed by scratchbrushing in the case of sheet iron, joists and staunchions.
The jenolite process, which followed the work of preparatiuon was succeeded by various paint treatments using various types of proprietary brands of metal primers and jenolite chemical sealer, and these primers were in most cases followed by undercoating and finishing treatment in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Chemical sealer

Treatment with Jenolite chemical sealer after Jenolite pre-treatment followed by proprietary brands of synthetic paint now shows a breakdown of very small extent in several places, all the evidence pointing to the fact that all oxide on the groundwork was not completely killed. These breakdowns are much smaller in extent and less numerous than previous experience without the use of Jenolite has shown would have arisen and whereas complete preparation and repainting has previously been necessary in little more than 18 months complete restoration could now be effected by spot treatment and painting. The life of this second treatment has of course yet to be determined but the general impression obtained from the reviewing the present condition of the treated area is that over a period of years the phosphating process is going to affect a considerable economy over similar paint treatments without its use.

Various Treatments

Of the various types of metal primers used on cast iron guttering after scracthbrushing and jenolizing the calcium plumbate type was outstandingly successful showing its suitability for abattoir conditions. Various full paint treatments with and without pre-treatment with Jenolite have been carried out on cast iron guttering during the last 6 months, but it is felt that at present these are too young for definite conclusions to be reached.

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