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The auto industry has always been a large and important market for Jenolite where rust treatments for cars, caravans and motorbikes are always in high demand. Success stories for Jenolite and its fight against corrosion are legendary. One noteable application occurred in 1954 when Jenolite was used to rust proof a special caravan taking part in the Inter-American Expedition. This grueling adventure took 12 months to complete and covered 26,500 miles exposing the Jenolite protected caravan to every type of climate. At the end of the journey it was still rust free.

Today, Jenolite is often used to treat surface rust on cars, caravans and other vehicles, as well as corroded areas of chassis and bodywork. The Minstry of Defence has been an enthusiastic users of Jenolite for many years.

Jenolite is also commonly used for reconditioning and preserving classic, vintage and veteran motor vehicles.

In particular, the new non-drip jelly and paste formula means there is no risk of the product running into surrounding paintwork – a concern for vehicle owners who wish to restrict treatment to a specific area.

What’s you project? Tell us what you’ve used Jenolite to protect or restore – or better still send us your photos and videos. We’re keen to share your experiences with other Jenolite professionals … people like you who believe, as we do, that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right with Jenolite.

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