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December 2016

We’d like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We’ve had a very busy year at Jenolite, selling huge volumes of our Rust Remover and Rust Converter. We’re proud that Jenolite is now stocked across the UK in large retailers such as Asda and The Range. This year has also seen us launch our UK & Ireland Stockist Finder, allowing customers to find places where they can pick up a container of Rust Converter or Rust Remover.

May 26th 2016

Customers triumph with Jenolite!

One of our loyal customer has kindly sent in a picture of a restored car which themselves and their racing group (Morgan Three Wheeler Club) have refurbished using Jenolite products. He was so pleased with the results that he felt he just had to show us, take a look at the below picture and you'll understand why they use Jenolite to help restore such a wonderful car. The car is owned by Trevor Seymour and we hope he enjoys actively racing his newly refurbished vehicle!

April 18th 2016

Jenolite - Listed in Home Hardware

We are delighted to confirm that Jenolite is now listed in Home Hardware one of the biggest homeware/DIY stores in the UK. We are very pleased as this will give us great distribution to all of our loyal customers and hopefully alot more exposure to the general public so that everyone can benefit from using Jenolite. Jenolite will continue to gain maket exposure and hopefully keep making Jenolite more readily available to all! We are also currently stocked in The Range stores and we have news of another major retailer coming shortly. 

January 13th 2016

Throw Away Nation - Save Money

We tend to live in a 'throw away' nation nowadays. What I mean by that is remember that outdoor furniture you left to rust in the garden and you threw them away and bought new ones? Well with the use of Jenolite you can achieve a 'good as new' finish and save large sums of money in the process.


January 8th 2016

Happy Friday from Jenolite UK Ltd!

We hope you have a rust free weekend. However If you are unfortunate enough to bump into any, Jenolite has the answer with it's wide range of rust removing products.

February 18th 2015

Jenolite - Rust Remover- Use in the Marine environment

Jenolite has been used in the on boats and other marine equipment for generations and is a fantastic way of restoring old metal work and preventing the return of rust. We are currently seeking distributor/s of our Rust Removal products into this market sector to make the product more widely available for all to use. The product has great resistance to anything that the marine environment is exposed to which is why it is such a popular product among boat owners etc.
A common issue among boat owners is that they have  scaling and corrosion problems, particularly of the hull. Jenolite is a quick and effective process, which enables ships to be back at sea within an incredibly short space of time.

However the main reason people use our fantastic products are that they prevent further corrosion/rust, which can damage the integrity of a vessel over time.
For more information on Jenolite Marine Uses please visit our website with lots of great information  -

October 30th 2014

Jenolite - Rust Converter Video

We've recently released a video which shows how Jenolite Rust Converter converts rust and leaves a primed and ready to paint surface. Watch the rust disappear before your very eyes and leave a good as new surface! The video shows how to apply the converter and the process which takes place to achieve the best results.

To view the video click on the following link -

October 29th 2014

Jenolite - Moving up Google rankings

We've seen a big shift in our google rankings position on brilliant new website. At the start of last week we were on the second page of google for the search term 'Jenolite'. However due to plenty of traffic, blogging and good external links we've seen our website fly up the rankings and is now placed 2nd on Page 1! We are pleased with the progress we are making and we have seen sales of our rust remover products increase (partly down to this). We are also seeing an improvement for some very important key words such as 'rust remover' and 'rust converter'. Jenolite was Europe's biggest rust remover and with a vast history dating back to 1939 it would be great to see a big revival for these keywords which in turn would help give us great coverage across the massive shopping center that is the internet.

We are hoping to add a customer review page so we can display some of the great comments that we are receiving from our valued customers. As soon as this is live we'd love to hear from you.

October 27th 2014

Jenolite - New Item - 1 Litre Primer

This week we are pleased to announce that we now supply our fantastic primer in a 1 Litre container. We've had a recent demand for Jenolite Primer with various customers looking to buy this product in larger quantities. We conducted some market research and from this information it was clear that a 1 Litre tin was the most popular and demanded size. Our Jenolite Primer is the perfect product to compliment our Rust removers. Once the Jenolite Rust Remover has been applied to the surface and the rust has been removed. This Primer gives a fantastic finish to the metal and ensure that the rust doesn't return. We are always looking for ways to expand and improve our product range and are always open to your suggestions, so if you do have any queries then please get in touch.

October 20th 2014

Jenolite - Preparation for Winter

Winter is fast approaching which brings plenty of unfriendly conditions to your metalwork/cars. If your metal belongings are exposed to the wintry conditions you will know full that they are likely to rust which can cause both visual and structural damage. In the case of the rust it's best to be prepared for this and get your items Jenolized and protected for the worst of the seasons. Use our Jenolite Rust Converter to remove all traces of rust and indeed leave a primed coat on your metal surfaces. This process will prevent any rust returning and seal the metal so rust won't be able to form. Our rust converter is a fantastic product with an all in one process. Apply once, follow the instructions and bang, your product is ready to be painted without the use for a primer, it's that simple!

Take a look at our full range of rust removers/converters at - 

October 17th 2014

Jenolite - Rust Converter - Requires no priming

Our Rust Converter is a fantastic one application process which requires no primer to be applied. First the 'rust removal' part of the product gets to work and removes all traces of rust. Once this has been completed the primer part of the product takes over and leaves a perfect surface which is ready to paint on without the use of a primer! This suits the modern day user as it's a quick, effective and trustworthy solution to remove rust and create a fantastic looking new surface.
Jenolite Rust Converter comes in various sizes from 90g up to 1kg.

For more information on all of our product range please visit -

October 16th 2014

Jenolite - Rust Converter - UK Distribution

Over the last few years we've been contacted plenty of times by people who are looking to buy Jenolite. We get asked 'where can I buy it locally?' and the simple answer is it's unlikely that you can. We do however offer guaranteed next working day delivery on every single order we receive through or ebay or even amazon. We are hoping to restore Jenolite's name to it's former glory and hopefully get it's products back into retail so that they are available locally to everyone. Jenolite was Europe's biggest rust remover brand for decades and there is still a big demand for it but people are struggling to find us. We have begun promoting the products on various social media including twitter (@jenolite),facebooklinkedin and even google+. If you are a loyal customer of Jenolite and have been using our fantastic rust removers then help us to help you by using our social media and spreading the word that Jenolite is in fact, back!

October 13th 2014

Jenolite- Rust Remover's - Capturing the market

It's been a productive week for Jenolite UK Ltd and we are constantly attracting new customers through various ways. We've noticed a steady increase of sales through our online marketplaces such as Ebay and our online store. We feel that Ebay is currently giving us good exposure to a large customer base and this is helping us hopefully recapture some of the market and boost our sales likewise. We are getting plenty of good feedback and questions from previous purchasers who have shown great brand loyalty to Jenolite. Our Rust Converter sales are beginning to pick up which is a good sign for us being that this product is the direct competitor of other rust removal products that are in the current market. We hope to keep increasing the ways that we are able to sell and promote our rust removers and we are hoping to up and running on Amazon shortly.
If you have any questions about any of our rust removers or about the brand itself, then please contact us - 

October 8th 2014

Jenolite - Rust Converter

Jenolite has been around for generations and has been supplying the highest quality rust removal products for over 75 years. Jenolite has been very quiet for several years and has subsequently fallen out of the common marketplace. However the brand has now been fully recovered and it's full ownership is now back with Jenolite UK Ltd. 

Jenolite - The Recovery

Since we now have full ownership of the brand we have recently relaunched our fantastic new online store which is full of information about the brands history and of course the products. In recent years we have seen a change in the market place and our competitors have been supplying a Rust Converter. This product is a rust removal product which then seals the metal so it's ready for painting. Effectively it cuts out the added cost and time of using a primer on the metal, giving modern day customers a one application process saving time and effort. Our Rust Converter comes in 3 sizes currently a 90g, 250g and 1kg.

October 6th 2014

Jenolite  Rust remover comes in various pack sizes from 40g - 5kg, however there a few differences that people may not be aware of. Our 40g gel is a more concentrated, higher strength rust remover and can be applied to vertical surfaces because of it's non drip formula. We also have a 150g Thixotropic liquid, which it's viscosity is thick liquid which has little run off. The rest of our range include a 500g, 1kg and 5kg which are used for direct application to the rusted area or alternatively parts a completely submersed in the product allowing full penetration of the rust remover. Most 'common' rust removers on the market nowadays, also include a primer to suit a changing customer base who want a one process application. The difference between our rust remover and our rust converter is that the rust remover doesn't contain any primer and is a stronger solution to remove the initial rust. 

October 1st 2014

Over the past few weeks we have seen sales increase since the launch of our fantastic new online store We've mainly seen sales for our 5kg Rust Remover showing that this product is still widely used among businesses which is a great sign that there are still plenty of industrial users. Our Rust Removers have been selling into the UK market for over 75 years! We believe that this shows how good our products are and how the want for these rust removal products is still going strong. We are constantly trying to make Jenolite more available which is why we offer a fantastic service of guaranteed next working day delivery on all orders before 12am.
We are also on the following social media and are always keen to hear what our customers have to say about the products and indeed the service provided. Please continue to show your support and we'd love to hear from you -

September 29th 2014

Jenolite UK Ltd offer a couriered service to help us provide a superb service for all of our customers. If you order before 12am we provide a guaranteed next working day delivery on all orders. Jenolite is the oldest brand of rust remover in Europe, it dates back to 1939 and is still going strong! With us providing a fantastic service and with Jenolite being one of the best rust remover and converters in the market, we feel that we have the winning formula to provide satisfaction to all customers.

September 26th 2014

It's been an interesting week for Jenolite UK Ltd as we seek to expose the brand back into the market place. We are currently seeking distributors for our range of rust removers & converters which we have seen great interest in. Jenolite offers the best rust removal products and has done so for over 75 years! We pride ourselves on the quality of our rust removers as this is what we feel, has heloed us see consistant sales for generations, along with our fantastic guaranteed next working day delivery service (on orders received before 12am). Jenolite is now widely available and we are wishing to reach out to a much wider customer base that we know exists.

September 25th 2014

Along with our fantastic online store, we are now trading on Ebay and soon to be amazon. You can view our new ebay shop here -  We've got plenty of 'Bulk Buy' offers available. 

September 5th 2014

Jenolite UK Ltd is now trying to expand its customer reach so we have now uploaded all of our range onto Ebay. We are always looking for new ways to distribute our fantastic range of rust removers/converters and If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Jenolite then please feel free to contact us. We are the manufacturers of the original rust removal products in Europe, dating back to 1939!

September 3rd 2014

Jenolite has re-launched with a new website ( on its 75th Birthday. This highly regarded range of Rust Removers has seen use on projects involving the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Whipsnade Zoo and SS Great Britain, amongst others, and after changing hands through M&A activity on a number of occasions in the last 15 years, the brand is finally back in the hands of its supply chain and will once more become freely available online and through increased distribution.

August 2014
We are back! The Jenolite brand is back with a new all singing, all dancing website! We hope you like it and feel free to browse and if you feel like it buy some Jenolite.

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