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This is a free-flowing liquid rust removal product that can be applied by spray, brush or immersion. The non-drip paste formula won’t run so it’s ideal for use on vertical surfaces or in places where you want to protect the surrounding paintwork. Excellent for treating boat and yacht keels, caravan sub frames and garden gates – particularly wrought iron sections.

The 500g bottle of liquid rust remover is one of JENOLITE’S most popular products. It works well for tight recessed areas, box sections and tubular components. This is an orthophosphoric solution is super easy to use. Your work will be ready to prime in just 30 minutes.

  • Approximate coverage: 4 square metres per bottle.
  • Ideal for immersing small parts.
  • Easy to apply, no need to rinse off, just wipe away.
  • Gives visible results.
  • Forms a dependable surface for priming and painting.
  • Re-paintable within 1 hour
  • JENOLITE is Europe’s oldest rust removal and converter firm and has perfected its products over decades.


Manufacturer Part Number 83384

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