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jenolite removes rust

The original rust remover and rust converter.

Jenolite no prime rust converter

No Prime Rust Converter.

Easy to apply, fast acting Rust Converter.
Converts rust to a solid surface in just 15 minutes and re-paintable within 3-24 hours

Original Jenolite

The Original Rust Remover.

Wipes out rust and can be repainted in 1 hour.

Where to buy Jenolite

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Looking for a rust remover?

You've come to the right place! We've been helping people to battle the effects of corrosion since 1939 and have a range of rust products available to buy online. Including our Jenolite rust remover, Jenolite converter and Jenolite primer.

Welcome to Jenolite : home to Europe’s oldest rust removal brand. If you have a rust problem, Jenolite has the answer.


The longevity of our product speaks for itself. First established in 1939, Jenolite has been the product of choice for removing rust and the effects of corrosion for more than 75 years and has been used on restoration work for the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and SS Britannia to name but a few projects during its rich history.

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Rust Removal

Jenolite is both prevention and cure. Jenolite removes rust and the effects of corrosion, enabling you to repaint the metal within 30 minutes in some cases, rust-free. Jenolising metals before painting affords rust and corrosion protection, meaning only spot treatments may be necessary in the future. Jenolite Rust Removers can also be used for the treatment of non ferrous metals for removing oxide and tarnish films.


Removes rust, oxide & tarnish Quick & easy to use
For small & large parts Prevention and cure 75 years’ of working!

Why is it so good at removing rust?

Jenolite has been used in many sectors over the years including marine, industrial, automobile and agriculture. From fencing, locks, gates, railings, lawn mowers, tools and garden furniture through to boats, caravans, aircrafts, bikes, motor cycles, cars and many more applications.

Jenolite is the ultimate solution for rust removal and corrosion protection.

We are proud of the success our rust removal products have achieved over the years. We continue to develop new and exciting rust converting and rust remover products with the aim of being the best rust remover product available.