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What is Jenolite Rust Remover?

In short, it sorts rust – removing it or stopping it from turning up in the first place. Rust is a fact of life. To beat it you need to treat it with a product that’s genuinely been tried, test and is trusted to work. That’s why we developed JENOLITE. It’s as valued now as it was when it we launched our first product, more than 75 years ago.

Illustrious history

Our illustrious
rust removal history

The longevity of our product speaks for itself. First established in 1939, Jenolite has been the product of choice for removing rust and the effects of corrosion for more than 75 years and has been used on restoration work for the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and SS Britannia to name but a few projects during its rich history.

old eiffel tower work

Jenolizing the eiffel tower.

Experiments conducted on the Western side of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Through the French associate of Jenolite Ltd., tests have been carried out with the full co-operation of the Tower authorities.

jenolite rust killer

Jenolite To Great Britain’s Aid.

Cable stoppers from the historic sail-assisted steamship, the SS Great Britain, have been saved from the ravages of rust by renovation work carriedout by the Jenolite Corrosion Servivies division of Duckhams Oils.

girdir restoration

Jenolite & Chemical sealer used on roof girders at TCC’s Acton Factory.

TCC’s corrosion problem concerned the structural steel in their forming department, which Jenolite helped them with after a series of experiments.


Formed in 1939, the team at JENOLITE have perfected a premium range of products, relevant to many different industries and projects: These include: Cars & Vehicles, Agricultural, Marine, DIY projects: small to large When it comes to rust, we know what we’re doing.
JENOLITE is a business steeped in history and tradition. Our product formulas have been refined and redefined, using specialist knowledge and experience that that can only be acquired over time. More than 75 years in fact.

  • This is really good stuff. Simple to use and easy to paint over.

  • Very happy. This is good gear.

  • It really does what it says on the bottle

    Your relationship with JENOLITE doesn’t end at “click and buy”. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service and comprehensive guidance about selecting and using our products. This ensures ease of application and, ultimately, we want you to get the maximum benefit from all JENOLITE rust removal and rust converter products.

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    Why buy Jenolite to remove rust?

    JENOLITE removes rust from just about anything and is quick and easy to use. You can repaint your rust-free metal anywhere between 30 minutes and up to 24 hours after application, depending on which JENOLITE product you use. Many of our customers are loyal and when we started, we sold most products by word of mouth. Over the years, we’ve become a household name – enjoying an unparalleled reputation as a top-class specialist metal treatment.


    JENOLITE is the ultimate solution for rust removal and corrosion protection – both domestically and in many commercial sectors. This includes boats, cars, tractors, aircraft, bikes, garden furniture, lawn mowers, kitchen sink, agricultural equipment or gates and railings. If it moves, or perhaps does not, and is metal – it might rust. But not if you use JENOLITE prevention – or if you’re too late, use our rust remover or rust converter products.


    • Quick and easy to use
    • Europe’s oldest rust removal brand
    • Tried, tested and trusted
    • Flexibility: can be used on small parts, large equipment and even entire buildings.
    • Saves you money long-term

    WHERE CAN I BUY JENOLITE rust removal and rust converter products?

    JENOLITE products are stocked across the UK in large retailers such as ASDA, Home Hardware and The Range – but also available online.

    Eiffel tower

    It may be cliché ... but no project is too big or too small.

    There is no limit to the usefulness of JENOLITE products.

    They can be used to help spruce up a second-hand car in the suburbs or to help restore and protect some of the worlds’ most majestic and iconic buildings such as BIG BEN and the EIFFEL TOWER.

    JENOLITE products have also been used here:

    WHIPSNADE ZOO: We don’t have to tell you what a disaster it would be if a zoo’s inhabitants escaped. Thanks to JENOLITE, the zoo’s nine-mile iron fence perimeter was renewed to its former rust-free glory. In addition to fencing, JENOLITE is used for the rust treatment of agricultural vehicles, outbuildings, tools and equipment.

    BRUNEL’S SS GREAT BRITAIN: One of the world’s most famous iron steamers, is kept “ship shape” thanks, in part, to JENOLITE rust remover and rust converter products. Iron, steel and the perils of salt water; it’s a combination that invites rust to do its worst. JENOLITE’s track record within the marine industry is impeccable.

    Call us today on 01234 924 794 for more information on the product range or any other advice.

    Our friendly, expert team will be happy to help.